Inter BEE 2011:Hibino exhibits a compact model of JBL's "VERTEC" line array speaker. Its lighter weight enables placement and installation versatility

2011.11.16 UP

Hibino exhibited a compact model of JBL's "VERTEC" line array speaker at its booth. It is the smallest and lightest of all the 5 models produced to date with a width of 600mm and a weight of 15kg per cabinet.
It can be used at venues that were previously difficult due to withstanding load restrictions. Including its 6 cabinets and metal fittings, it has a total weight of approximately 100kg. Its lighter withstanding load even allows it to be placed horizontally and in positions that were previously difficult for array speakers.
In addition, pole mount installation based on its 4886-dedicated subwoofer is now possible. A variety of placement examples were introduced at the exhibition.