Inter BEE 2010: Shiba Soku exhibits TG3000 series video signal generators for 3D.

2010.11.19 UP

Shiba Soku signal generator demonstration.
Asaca exhibition area.

Asaca exhibition area.

Shiba Soku exhibited the TG3000 series and TG5000 video signal generators.

The TG3000 is the optimum video signal generator for 3D TV evaluation. It is equipped with HDMI Ver. 1.4a output as standard and has non-compressed and compressed video and 3D video output functions.

In addition to various 3D video format outputs, it can vary the left and right image horizontal and vertical positions and vary levels. Furthermore, it can synthesize 16 screens mixing moving and still screens, vary the size of each screen, and scroll each of them.

The TG5000 series is the optimum video signal generator for 4Kx2K and other next generation display size evaluation. Depending on the model, display port, DVI-D, and HDMI interfaces are standard and other output units can added to expansion slots. In addition to non-compressed and compressed video, 3D video, and other functions found in the TG3000, it also supports 4Kx2K and full HD 240Hz output.

Asaca exhibited the ALR-80H 4-system loop recorder. The ALR-80H can record four sets of hi-vision video signals at the same time. It features the ability to cue easily using thumbnails. Because switching is so simple, the ALR-80H also supports surveillance, monitoring, etc.

The ALR-80H is a loop recorder device that can simultaneously record 4 sets of HD-SDI signals. It constantly records multiple cameras, for example surveillance cameras and when necessary, video can be taken out with easy operations.

The ALR-80H is capable of recording up to 20 hours (40 hours with an option). The ALR-80H uses H.264 (HP@L4.0 4:2:0) to suppress video deterioration. The search function lets you search efficiently for the video you want. You can select from two types of search: timer search, in which you specify the time, and chapter search, in which you select from thumbnails.