Inter BEE 2010: IDX Company Ltd. exhibits its TDM-150W organic EL 3D/2D monitor offering a wide 180-degree viewing angle and a high contrast ratio.

2010.11.21 UP

The TDM-150W 3D/2D monitor.
The MK-L3V LED hand light.

The MK-L3V LED hand light.

IDX exhibited both its TDM-150W organic EL 3D/2D monitor with a high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, and excellent response speed, and the LEM-150 2D monitor. These products will be available on the market in November 2010.

A high contrast ratio of 100,000:1 makes possible the display of colors and shades that could not be clearly distinguished before while the wide viewing angle of nearly 180-degree provides a clear view of the picture even from the sides of the monitor just as if viewed from directly in front of it. The monitor's response speed is also excellent, reacting instantly to changes in color strength and switching light emission on or off depending on voltage variations. As an added benefit, the 3D/2D monitor comes with two pairs of active shutter glasses as standard equipment.

IDX also exhibited the MK-L3V, a V-mount battery-operated LED hand light that incorporates a high-output white LED to reduce power consumption and increase operating hours. Even longer, more powerful operation can be achieved by combining the hand light with a V-mount power box that operates on an Endura battery.

Demonstration mockups were on display at the Inter BEE exhibition and the actual products will be available on the market from December 2010.