Inter BEE 2010: Field Emission Technologies Present Broadcast and Professional FED Display, Sales from AUO Taiwan Next Winter.

2010.11.19 UP

LCD comparison -- no visible blurring with motion.

■ Nano-sized cones emit electrons onto phosphors to create light -- Remarkable field emission display technology with excellent luminosity characteristics

After experiencing developmental difficulties, there has been renewed movement towards commercialization of FED (field emission display) technology -- a next-generation display technology currently attracting much attention. Carved out of Sony, Field Emission Technologies developed the FED technological assets, which have been taken up by AUO (AU Optronics Corp) of Taiwan, and will be on sale next winter. Field Emission Technologies cooperated with AUO in technological and marketing aspects to present the FED exhibit (FETJ: booth 8001). FETJ is a company mainly consisting of engineers who have worked on FED R&D at FET and Sony.

FED technology uses nano-sized cones to shoot electrons onto phosphors, which emit light to create the screen image. This is a similar system to the old CRT displays, and produces an image with some CRT-like characteristics. However, where the CRT uses 1 or 3 electron guns to create the image, the FED uses 10,000 of the electron-emitting cones per pixel -- realizing a vastly different form of device. Since there is no need to scan an electron beam, FED technology can achieve high frame-rate displays up to 240fps. This technology is attracting a lot of attention for its many superior image characteristics such as its frame rate and luminosity.

The exhibit featured an FED lined up next to an LCD to illustrate the lack of blurring with on-screen motion and the other high-quality FED features. The company says that the display due to go on sale next year will be aimed at broadcasting and professional uses.