Panasonic: P2 HD VARICAM AJ-HPX2700G Memory Card-based Camcorder/InterBEE2008

2008.11.21 UP

This VARICAM AJ-HPX2700 is the tapeless version of VARICAM, a popular tape-based recorder for commercials and movies.
Like the previous VARICAM models, it has a popular variable frame rate function and supports from 1 to 60 fps.
It also comes equipped with CineGamma, or FILM-REC Gamma.
With a P2 HD, high-quality AVC-Intra codec, it can record full HD videos.
Production studios increasingly use tapeless recorders, so by storing data into P2 cards upon shooting, the recorder offers a benefit of reducing the production workflow.
The memory is resistant to shakes and shocks. The previous tape-based model may generate block noises, but the memory-based model will not generate such noises, so it is more reliable.