Inter BEE 2010: Leader Electronics introduces measurement solutions to assist 3D video production.

2010.11.18 UP

Demonstration area for Assist Studio 3D.

Leader Electronics (booth #8116) introduced measurement solutions to assist 3D video production. The company also exhibited loudness measurement and IP TV related measuring instruments. As a reference exhibit, Leader unveiled a 3D video signal evaluation software called the 3D Assist Studio.

Leader introduced measurement solutions to assist 3D video production including anaglyph display, convergence display, overlay display, and wipe display using the LV5380 Multi-SDI Monitor and LV7380 Multi-SDI Rasterizer.

Its latest waveform monitor, the LV5381, enables simultaneous monitoring of up to four SDI signals. It is suitable for adjusting the output levels of signals from multiple cameras. It is also equipped with five bar display.

For audio signal related measurement solutions, Leader demonstrated functions such as surround display and loudness display, as well as lip sync measurement system using the multi-SDI monitor and multi-SDI rasterizer.

A compact measurement equipment series from the U.K.'s Fabrics Company was on exhibit. These is an all-in-one model comprised of a video signal generation section that supports 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI, as well as picture display, waveform display, vector display, 12-channel audio level display, and a separate 16:9 color liquid crystal display section.

The company also introduced video test system the VTS500, which is capable of analysis combining media delivery index (MDI) and the TR101290, as well as a full line-rate gigabit Ethernet analysis.