Inter BEE 2010: Shinki exhibits the VMR-1500 SSD portable recorder for recording uncompressed video.

2010.11.21 UP

SSD portable disc recorder

Reflecting the diverse requirements of video production, Shinki (booth #7208) exhibited products that contribute to more efficient workflow and improved video quality.

Some of the main products exhibited by Shinki included: The Geevs multichannel ingest and playout server; the HiQZen matrix-router for easy, mail-like transfer of high-volume files; the VikinX with a compact frame size for low power-consumption and high performance; a touchpanel LCD with an uncompressed capability of 3G/1080p and a jog/shuttle dial for virtual editing; and the VMR-1500 SSD portable disc recorder.

The VMR-1500 features a durable and shockproof SSD for recording uncompressed video. Three models are available — the 1500GB, 750GB, and 500GB — each of which features six SSDs per disk. Recordings can be displayed in thumbnails and touchpanel playback via an Android OS for smartphones is enabled. The product will be available on the market from February 2011.