Inter BEE 2010: Pre-show interview -- Ikegami Tsushinki's high versatility file-based solutions and high-quality 3D system proposals.

2010.11.16 UP

Mr. Kashimura from Ikegami Tsushin.

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Ikegami Tsushinki

Naoki Kashimura,
General Manager,
Business and Product Strategy Department,
Ikegami Tsushinki


■ Ikegami's main concept: The seamless file-based workflows

The main theme that Ikegami will be presenting at InterBEE 2010 will be "Seamless file-based workflows". Presenting a product line-up that navigates the new directions that next-generation broadcast stations will be taking, the centerpiece of Ikegami's exhibition booth will be centering around the iSTEP+ file-based solution.

Our exhibit this year will focus on a system proposal of our original-developed asset management technology combined into the iSTEP+ (ikegami Seamless Technology Enhanced Platform), which was presented at Inter BEE 2009. With the changeover to terrestrial digital broadcasting, once all broadcasting stations have become digitized and converted to HD, the next movement that will come along will be the switchover to file-based systems. These changes won't happen suddenly overnight, and individual broadcast stations have different requirements. We propose this system to offer support at each phase of the switchover to file-based workflows. iSTEP+ consists of an asset gateway information system for recording through to archiving, and support system for mainline video server management.

Basically, as a management system for core information and support systems, the main characteristic of iSTEP+ is its media versatility and its easy-to-use GUI.

■ Centralized management of main data in its original form
The efficient workflow realized with iSTEP+ enables network connection of the AssetGWS (Asset Gateway Server) for managing program materials, the editing and materials storage server for recording actual data, and all kinds of support systems for registering and recording, editing, transmission, archiving and so forth. This system offers comprehensive management of content information such as metadata and main video, audio and still image data in its original form.

Also, as a new product in the GF Series camera file-based solution, we will be exhibiting the L Series, which is a low-cost version of GF pack that is already on sale. Although the GF series has a good reputation all over the world, we did receive a lot of comments from customers saying that the price of GF Pack was too high. We hope we have addressed that issue with the L Series.

The GF Series has been sold mainly to regional broadcasters, to production companies and to cable TV operators both in Japan and internationally, and we have received good feedback for this equipment especially for its high picture quality. Because this camera also offers studio level performance, some of our customers have introduced this camera into their studios.

■ File-based/nonlinear GFCAM 3D filming system first exhibit
As a major theme of the exhibition, Ikegami will also be exhibiting 3D systems. Right from its beginning, Ikegami has striven to make high-quality high-performance products, and in the current 3D imaging business climate with its demands for highly complex imaging techniques, Ikegami retains its position as a major force.

Another main exhibit topic at Inter BEE 2010, we will have 3D recording systems on display. We will be showing three different types of 3D systems -- a file-based/nonlinear 3D imaging system using 2 GFCAM units that we will be exhibiting for the first time, a box-type HD camera system, and a system using the compact MKC-HD300 camera.

Our HSS-330 switcher also supports 3D, and we are looking forward to showing how the system can offer 3D completeness. In particular, our 3D GFCAM exhibit at Inter BEE 2010 will be the first time we present this technology to the public. We will exhibit a more compact system that can be used in narrower spacing than conventional parallel systems. We are looking forward to presenting these technologies at the show.

Ikegami's history in 3D goes back pretty far. We were already making 3D cameras back in 1989, and since then we have advanced our 3D imaging research considerably. Our 3D imaging systems are not designed for amusement purposes but instead we aim to create high-end 3D video imaging equipment that delivers a genuine sense of depth.

The level of completeness of 3D video is determined by rig performance, and the extreme adjustments that need to be made at the cameras. Naturally, Ikegami understands that camera performance relies on the 2 cameras being perfectly matched and aligned, and that 3D imaging cameras must also have excellent color, synchronizing and stability characteristics. That's why we believe that our 3D camera imaging technologies are suitable for production-based 3D imaging applications. Our products now give even better depth of field, and we have developed systems that offer perfectly matched simultaneous 3D control.

■ Using Inter BEE as a venue for interacting and exchanging opinions
Finally Mr. Kashimura also gave us his valuable opinions and his hopes for the exhibition.

As a manufacturer exhibiting at the Inter BEE exhibition, we really hope that production professionals and other industry insiders will actually be able to come to the exhibition and use it as a venue for discussion. Also as a manufacturer, our booth will offer visitors and participants a rare opportunity to exchange ideas with our engineers, who do not often get out into the public. At the International Broadcasting Convention held in Europe, each exhibitor booth has a lounge area where people can meet and exchange ideas. Ideally, we would like to see a similar set up at Inter BEE.