KDDI R&D Laboratories: High-resolution Algorithm MP-Factory Ver.5 /InterBEE2008

2008.11.20 UP

KDDI R&D Laboratories demonstrated MP-Factory, a high-speed, high-resolution codec library for H.264, equipped with KDDI Labs' unique high-resolution encoder algorithm.
It offers various functions, including a library to edit highly compressed small H.264 data that are usually difficult to edit. It can also insert watermarks and automatically evaluate the quality of videos.
They demonstrated three products cored by a handling library called MP-Factory.
QualityStation is a high-end encoder running on Windows that can be used for Blu-ray disc authoring.
Another product is a One-seg encoder. This can send One-seg video signals on a real-time basis, so videos taken just now can be dynamically shown on screens.
This encoder also uses the MP-Factory engine.
The final product is an innovative smart encoder that enables the user to offer content for a new service called Actvila with simple actions of drags and drops.