Inter BEE2010: Fujitsu exhibits filebase work flow solutions.

2010.11.19 UP

Fujitsu high-speed transmission solutions.

Fujitsu (booth #8309) unveiled solutions for converting to filebases and solutions for Video Transmission, Storage & Retrieval, and Distribution, which are the work flows of broadcast companies, centering on cloud service and other video processing technologies.

In the Video Transmission corner, Fujitsu introduced workflows that cover a range of tasks from new solutions for information material high-speed file transmission using the IP series that it has been offering to online delivery supporting program conversion techniques (ARIB TR-B13) using a filebase.

In the Storage & Retrieval corner, Fujitsu proposed systems that switch the management of ever increasing huge video assets to filebase operation and efficiently share, search, and archive.

In the Distribution corner, Fujitsu introduced its In-station Joint-viewing System that supports systems for live distribution of real-time video for IPTV and systems that can decode with televisions that support acTVila. Fujitsu also demonstrated a Super Hi-Vision video transmission unit as next generation technology.