Inter BEE 2011:Imagenics shows off 3 new products! The "MIX-DV4" multi-function digital multi-scan converter is launched in December, 2011

2011.11.17 UP

Imagenics exhibited 3 new products at its booth at Inter BEE 2001. These new products were comprised of the "MIX-DV4" digital multi scan converter; the "DVX-3232HC" 32*32 digital RGB matrix switcher; and the "HYB-82" hybrid matrix switcher.

The "MIX-DV4" digital multi scan converter is installed with a multi-functional up/down scan converter for a maximum of 4 inputs and is a 4:1 seamless switcher. In addition, it has a multi-layout viewer that can synthesize 4 screens into 1 screen with any layout. HDMI signal (HDCP and embedded sound) can be employed as the input/output signal by using a conversion connector. Each input unit is equipped with a pseudo seamless switching function that supports switching by an external switcher .
It went on release in December this year and the suggested retail price is 980,000 yen ex. tax.

The "DVX-3232HC" 32*32 digital RGB matrix switcher is a full-matrix switcher with 32 inputs and outputs that supports HDMI(HDCP-compatible)/DVI signals. The number of inputs and outputs can be customized in units of 8. It is compatible with resolution up to VGA@60 to UXGA@60,WUXGA@60RB, and automatically supports D1 to D5-equivalent HDMI signals. Loaded with a plug and play emulator, it can be used to select 17 types of pre-installed EDID data and external equipment EDID data copying.

The "HYB-82" hybrid matrix switcher is a multi-format switcher with 8 inputs and 2 outputs and an embedded multi-functional RGB frame synchronizer, which can automatically convert output resolution set by users per output type. It can output analog-input video and audio by converting and embedding it digitally (DVI/HDMI). This enables a pseudo-seamless effect minus noise caused by wipe and fader effects on the back color when converting video.