Inter BEE 2010: Panasonic exhibits advanced broadcast equipment and commercial video equipment based on the concept "Evolving Panasonic AVC World -- Professional 3D ideas".

2010.11.18 UP

The AG-AF105 memory card camera recorder.
The AG-3DA1 one-piece, dual-lens 3D camera.

The AG-3DA1 one-piece, dual-lens 3D camera.

Four companies from the Panasonic Group (Panasonic, Panasonic Electric, Panasonic System Networks, and Panasonic System Solutions Japan; Booth #7210) exhibited advanced broadcast equipment and commercial video equipment based on the concept "Evolving Panasonic AVC World -- Professional 3D ideas".

In the field of commercial 3D, Panasonic unveiled a one-piece, dual-lens 3D camera the AG-3DA1, LCD monitor the BT-3DL2550, digital AV mixer the AG-HMX100, and a several large commercial PDP monitors as an end-to-end 3D total solution that continues to evolve.

On the main stage, Panasonic exhibited 3D Mass Display, comprised of 152V, 103V, and 85V inch 3D PDP monitors, to introduce the company's shooting, editing, broadcast content, and authoring technologies using multi-3D video presentation. Panasonic used the AG-3DA1 and a multi-format live switcher the AV-HS450 equipped with a 3D-capable optional board to provide live 3D performances. Panasonic also added HD video production system the 50 Series to the AG-3DA1 and AG-HMX100HD to set up a 3D studio for exhibiting actual products and providing detailed explanations.

Furthermore, as the AVCCAM series, Panasonic introduced the AG-AF105 memory card camera recorder for lens changing video, the world's first to comply with the Micro Four Thirds size. The large 4/3-inch MOS sensor makes it possible to shoot video with shallow depth in the subject field. Adopting the Micro Four Thirds standard for the lens mount makes it possible to produce videos using PL mounts and other lens assets with an adaptor. This improved picture quality by suppressing queuing and aliasing due to the false color and rolling shutter phenomena.

The P2HD series uses the AJ-HPX3100J mounted with three 2/3-inch CCDs (released in October 2010). Panasonic demonstrated metadata wireless transmission promoting speedy production networks. Panasonic also demonstrated the AG-MSU10 mobile storage unit that can copy data at high speed to SSD and which has been produced in response to the voice of customers.

For studio lighting, Panasonic installed power-saving, long-life LED broad lights in the 3D studio.

It also opened a technical suite in the Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall B. In this technical suite, Panasonic explains the P2HD series, AVCCAM series, 3D projection system, 3D video communication (reference exhibit), OTC system, and other commercial broadcasting related solutions in greater detail.