Inter BEE 2011:Heiwa Seiki Kogyo exhibits the "RS Series" tripod with "complete counterbalance system"

2011.11.21 UP

Heiwa Seiki Kogyo exhibited the "Libec" tripod, jib arm, tracking rail, accessory support kit, and more. The centerpiece was the new "RS Series" tripod which can stop cameras at any tilt angle.

■ "RS Series", which keeps cameras in a still state at any tilt angle
The RS Series employs a complete counterbalance system. This enables cameras to be stopped at a set tilt angle when shooting, provided it is within a certain weight range. This state can be held even when the camera angle is left facing upwards or downwards (tilt angle: +90°/ -70°).

In addition to a newly-designed torque system, it uses silicon grease. It has vastly improved pan and tilt operability, and a booth representative explained that "in particular, the pan movement is extremely smooth, enabling stress-free camera work."

It features a high degree of heat resistance performance, capable of withstanding temperatures from -40℃ to +60℃, and allows virtually normal pan and tilt work even in harsh conditions.

RS Series includes: RS-250 Series - counterbalance range of 1.8kg to 5.0kg (height of center of gravity at 100mm) with a maximum loading weight of 6kg; RS-350 Series - counterbalance range of 3.0kg to 7.5kg (height of center of gravity at 100mm) with a maximum loading weight of 9kg; RS-450 Series - counterbalance range of 4.5kg to 10.5kg (height of center of gravity at 100mm) with a maximum loading weight of 12kg.

The RS-250 Series is mainly a small hi-vision camera; the RS-350 Series is a small hand-held camera light with an attached light and mattebox; and the RS-450 Series is said to be ideal for shoulder-type cameras.

■ Multitude of new accessory support kits on display

Heiwa Seiki Kogyo exhibited its new accessory support kits. One of these is the "A-7" accessory support adapter. This is compatible with the Libec head (excluding the TH-650DV) and jib arm and can be attached with a 1/4" and 3/8" screw. The "AS-7" is an accessory support arm that can be attached with a 1/4" screw. The A-7 and AS-7 were exhibited as the "AS-7K" set.

Heiwa Seiki Kogyo exhibited the "A-3AV" LANC-AV conversion adapter, the "JB-30" Series of jib arms, and the "TR-320", "CR-90", "EX-160S" rail systems. Combining the jib arm and tracking rail, the company advocated this equipment for its ability to support dynamic moving shots from a high position.