Inter BEE 2011:Current exhibits the "AF201 Communication System"

2011.11.18 UP

Current carries out the development, manufacturing, and sale of audio and control equipment used for recording, broadcasts, post-production, concert halls, and more.
The Current booth exhibited communication systems, monitor systems, and meter systems mainly for newly-developed products. Current also handles inquiries on the development of custom-made equipment and systems.
The newly-developed "AF201 Communication System" is a communication integration studio interface developed to incorporate functions essential for studios that use O2R, O2R96, DM1000/2000, O1V96, O3D, and DA7 digital consoles.
It is equipped with a variety of functions including 2-type color control, talkback/backtalk control, CUE, fader start/stop, and 2-type CR monitor switching.