Inter BEE 2011:IDK exhibits the "MSD-4403", its latest digital multi switcher, and an HDMI signal extender that can extend up to a maximum of 500m

2011.11.16 UP

IDK demonstrated the "MSD-4403" digital multi switcher at their digital product corner. This product is expected to be used with systems that mix digital and analog systems.

Since it launched "MSD-4401", the industry's first digital multi switcher, IDK has achieved an excellent record with its various channel counts and concept products. It enables the development of a next-generation digital AV system that combines HDMI/DVI digital signals and analog signals (RBG / color difference / composite video).
Its features include smooth switching capabilities, simplifying switching with external devices such as projector screens. It also enables audio mixing by volume operation.

IDK's HDMI signal extender is used to extend digital signal cables from lengths of 5 meters. By using compensators and extenders, it is possible to extend items with a standard extendable distance of approximately 5 meters by cable alone by up to 100 meters. In addition, items can be extended by up to 500 meters with extenders that use optical cables.