Inter BEE 2010: Space Creators (S.C.) Alliance exhibits a new loudness meter the LQ-1000 from the Linear Acoustic of America.

2010.11.18 UP

Linear Acoustic's latest product, the LQ-1000.

The Space Creators (S.C.) Alliance (Booth 4409) exhibited products such as the following.

The Linear Acoustic's new LQ-1000 is an ITU-R BS.1770-1 compliant loudness meter. It can display the loudness levels for 5.1 channel surround and stereo signals or four stereo systems (8 channels maximum).

The Aero.air is a loudness level control system with high performance and advanced functions. It supports a maximum of 10 channels (5.1 channels + down mix and local stereo, etc.)

The DAD digital audio system from Enco provides high performance and flexibly supports digital broadcast applications. Telos introduces the Zephyr/IP, its newest IP audio codec.

Also, the Aeon digital mixer for network broadcasts combined with the Klotz Digital's Vadis dedicated audio router, the Digigram's low-cost Pyko IP codec for pros, Omnia's Omnia-6 the highest peak in FM broadcast sound processors, and the Omnia 1, which fits the latest hardware, firmware, and processing algorithms into 1U size, were exhibited.

Among the products developed by Space Creators (S.C.) Alliance itself are the Forg EDPS broadcast sales support software for community broadcasting, the BSD-310 non-acoustic detection unit, the BEI-211 emergency interrupt device, and the SW-811A 8-channel switcher.