Fuchu Giken Inc.: Solution for FM Broadcasting Stations/InterBEE2008

2008.11.21 UP

Fuchu Giken is exhibiting FM related devices. A lot of FM stations use devices from foreign manufacturers, but we are just about the only manufacturer in Japan that offers a series of FM device systems.
The auto controller can switch between FM transmitters currently in use and spare transmitters, and the automatic monitor automatically monitors whether or not radio waves are properly output from those transmitters.
TC-100 is a relay station remote control, and the TC-500, a base station remote control. They can be used like an ordinary remote control, not only for FM stations but also with TV stations and AM stations throughout Japan.
FM branching/filtering unit and an FM power amp is needed when you're transmitting large, 1 kilowatt output radio waves, and this FM branching/filtering unit is used when those radio waves are branched and filtered and then even larger output equipment is used.