Inter BEE 2011:Alvix exhibits the "Multi Viewer MV-500" video and sound error monitoring system, and "VAD-2000SR"

2011.11.18 UP

Alvix exhibited its latest lineup of video equipment including the newly-developed "Multi Viewer MV-500".

"MV-500" enables a maximum of 120ch SDI input signals to be split in 8 high resolution monitors. Yasuro Soma, the Sales Department Manager of Alvix, said that this product "has a wide variety of uses principally in the master monitoring of broadcasting stations. We have a proven track record in magnifying large-scale video multi-vision devices and the development of this product was based on this fundamental technology. The master monitoring equipment used by broadcasting stations has upgraded at a steady pace due to digitization, and I believe there will be a large market for this in the future."
The "VAD-2000SR" video and sound error detection device handles HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals. This product can simultaneously record the nearest input signals, enabling the status of error occurrences to be rapidly confirmed.
Mr. Soma emphasized that "this is an industry-leading product when it comes to usability and the precise detection of errors. Many people involved in broadcasting technology told us during the exhibition that they had been looking for such equipment. This is our most recommended product out of all the ones we exhibited".
Mayumi Kawasaki, the Sales Department Manager of Alvix, said that "the 'VAD-2000SR' is already being adopted by the large key stations. As well as the major stations, this system can also meet the needs of many broadcasting stations such as CS broadcasting and CATV stations. It can help improve work efficiency, so please give it a try."