Inter BEE 2010: NTT Advanced Technology displays real-time codecs using JPEG 2000 real-time video transfer.

2010.11.18 UP

The JPEG2000 real-time encoder.

NTT Advanced Technology (NTT-AT, booth #5501) is offering cutting edge broadcast-related components themed around the "RealFeel" concept of creating a realistic presence.

■ Software development tools

The HDVE-100 SDK RealFeel software codec provides an embeddable H.264 encoding engine that offers everything from offline conversion processing to streaming.The MVE-100 SDK and MVD-100 SDK RealFeel software codecs offer MVC/H.264 video encoding and decoding for software development.

■ Content distribution

(1) Software product: The RealFeel transcoder is a universal transcoder that also offers MXF compatibility. VAT-100 is a solution to combat the connection expenses and increases in storage costs associated with large MPEG2 files, by transcoding them to H.264.

(2) Hardware products: The JPEG2000 real-time codec is a real-time codec offering high-quality images and high levels of compression that can be used for live relays and medical image data. XG2 is a device featuring IP transmission of uncompressed HDTV video, offering the lowest latency levels in the industry.