IMAGICA DIGIX advocates ideas on the control and reuse of video assets; builds a system from a customer-standpoint; and demonstrates "Libero Highlight", a video production system for sp

2011.11.18 UP

The IMAGICA DIGIX booth divided video management systems by theme.
Avid's "Interplay MAM" material management system was introduced by uniquely integrating file processing such as quality checks, transcoding, and XML exporting. It combined the "Signiant" automatic delivery management system and LTO tape archiving.
Meanwhile, a booth representative explained that "inputting metadata is difficult in actual operation. Our solution is to develop video assets that customers can easily reuse by adding a system to recognize and detect specific video and sound."
"Libero Highlight", a video production system for sport program game analyses, was demonstrated by using a soccer match video.
This system instantly generates 3DCG to realistically display players' appearances and the ball from any frame and, based on a real camera, projects virtual camera video from a new perspective. It is also possible to change the camera angle and players' positions while writing in graphics.
The system supports 7 sports, including baseball and American football. It also features a 3D replay system and the "Libero Offside" offside analysis system specifically for soccer.
A smartphone was used to demonstrate, "Viz Reporter", a mobile on-air system that reporters can use to upload video.