Inter BEE 2010: Tamura Corporation demonstrated new digital large audio mixing board and digital wireless mic systems.

2010.11.18 UP

New digital audio mixing board the NT880.

Tamura Corporation (booth #4305) has brought up the concept of "next generation digital and network audio for a new stage" and demonstrated products that realize high-quality audio in terrestrial digital broadcasts, centering on its new digital large mixing board and digital wireless mic systems.

The new NT880 digital mixing board has arrived as the flagship model for Tamura's mixing boards. This system, which centers on the new TR-NET network unit for high-speed multiplex communications comprises a 10240 x 10240 router and DSP core that can process up to 1024 channels and achieves high safety and superior operability.

For radio stations, Tamura embeds the AMQ1100 digital audio mixing board and the AMX-12D digital portable mixer in the table and makes it possible to construct a system with freedom for the layout. The system is standard equipped with a GPIO, which can easily perform cuff control, fader start, telephone hybrid On/Off, etc. This provides an intuitive, easy to operate broadcast environment that does not require a full-time operator.

Besides the aforementioned, Tamura also demonstrated new A-type digital wireless microphone systems, analog portable mixers the AMX-08 and AMX-12, B-type digital wireless microphone systems, digital wireless intercoms, analog wireless intercoms, and a digital signage pavilion for visible light communications with LED lights.