Inter BEE 2011:Otaritec exhibits the German company, Riedel's "MediorNet Compact", a next-generation multimedia stagebox for developing real-time optical networks

2011.11.21 UP

Otaritec exhibited the "MediorNet Compact" fiber-optic transmission system. Otaritec also displayed a reference version of the MADI interface module for "LWB-16M (provisional) / LWB-64", a multi-channel video and audio transmission system.

■"MediorNet Compact" fiber-optic transmission system on display

Otaritec exhibited the "MediorNet Compact" fiber-optic transmission system made by Riedel, and an incoming signal interface card compliant with the next-generation network standard, AVB.

"MediorNet" is an optical transmission system that uses fiber-optics to transmit video, audio and incoming signals. The "MediorNet Compact" system is a low-cost version of MediorNet. The high-end "MediorNet Compact Pro" can transmit 3G/HD/SD-SDI (4IN/4OUT) and MADI signals*2, Ethernet signals*3, analog audio (4IN/4OUT), AES/EBU*4, and incoming signals in both directions. Hidekazu Yanagi, the manager of Sales Division No. 1 Section , explained that the company has "prepared the 3 'MediorNet Compact BA-SIC', 'MediorNet Compact PLUS', 'MediorNet Compact Pro' products for use at any event, big or small".

Further, Otaritec exhibited a client card (AVB-108 G2 Client Card) and interface (Connect AVB/Connect AVB*8), as an incoming transmission method, that employ the AVB (Audio Video Bridging) next-generation video standard. The "VB-108 G2 Client Card" is made by Riedel for AVB and installed in a matrix for incoming signals. This client card translates between 8-port audio line and AVB protocol and secures a LAN connection. "Connect AVB*8" is an interface box that translates between AVB protocol and AES signals.

This AVB standard was formulated by the "AVnu Alliance" industry group, which is made up of AV manufacturers and IT equipment manufacturers among others. It was created to ensure the reliability and low delay of Ethernet lines sought by professionals. Mr. Yanagi explained that "compared to traditional VoIP, a more reliable infrastructure with no disconnection problems can be built because a transmission band is secured. In addition, because of the low delay (approx. 2msec), there are no delays, enabling seamless conversation".

■ Reference version of MADI interface module for the "LWB-16M (provisional) / LWB-64" multi-channel video and audio transmission system on display

Otaritec displayed a reference version of the "CB-7CL/CM" MADI interface module as an optional card module for the "LWB-16M (provisional) / LWB-64" (Lightwinder Broadcasting) module, which converts a variety of signals used at outside broadcast locations and then transmits them by fiber-optic. This CB-7CL/CM is a MADI interface module equipped with SRC functionality and an input and output capacity of 64 in / 64 out, helping to improve multi-channel operating efficiency. The company apparently aims to release it for sale in April next year.