Inter BEE 2011:Sakura Eiki demonstrates equipment co-developed with broadcasting stations and shows off their various functions.

2011.11.18 UP

Sakura Eiki provided a demonstration of broadcasting station workflow based on its "Prunus" nonlinear editing system. In addition to the new "Prunus Universal Recorder"linear editing recorder, the company announced 3 products that it had co-developed with broadcasting stations.
The said recorder's operations allow recording and editing to be achieved at an accuracy of ±0 frame. It also enables conversion to a file-based format, simultaneous recording in multiple devices, and dual HD-SDI simultaneous recording.
Sakura Eiki unveiled a variety of new models including: a product co-developed with Fuji Television, the "FileCast Station Player", which enables chasing playback while receiving transmitted files; the "Prunus Loop Ingester" line recording device co-developed with TV Tokyo; and new functions included in a nonlinear editor co-developed with NHK Miyazaki.
These new products were shown off at the newly-established "A1 Studio", where multi-angle relay, recording, editing and delivery demonstrations were given.