Inter BEE 2010: NTT Electronics provides demonstration of 3D transmission using an MPEG2 encoder device that supports 3D synchronizing transmission.

2010.11.18 UP

NTT Electronics booth.
The MPC1010-3D/4K2K.

The MPC1010-3D/4K2K.

The RiscaVision RV1000.

The RiscaVision RV1000.

The Plus Repeater S4.

The Plus Repeater S4.

NTT Electronics (booth #5401) exhibited the MPC1010-3D/4K2K MPEG-2 multi-channel encoder that supports 3D synchronized transmission and that was released and exhibited at the NAB Show 2010 held in Las Vegas. The company also exhibited the NGN-capable Full Hi-Vision Hikari TV phone unit the RiscaVision RV1000 that was released on November 9th.

■ First domestic exhibit of the MPEG-2 multi-channel encoder MPC1010-3D/4K2K that supports 3D synchronized transmission.

The MPC1010-3D/4K2K MPEG-2 multi-channel encoder that supports 3D synchronized transmission and for which sales activities for North America started in October 2010 was first exhibited at Inter BEE 2010, where it was used in a 3D video transmission demonstration.

At the NTT Electronics Booth, 3D video shot with a 3D camera at the Panasonic booth (#7210) was multiplexed to one MPEG2-TS by this device and transmitted with IP via fiber optic lines to the NTT Electronics booth. There it was received with NTT Electronics' NA5000 IP interface device and decoded into the left eye and right eye HD-SDI signals with two NTT Electronics HVD9100 AVC/H.264 HD TV decoders to demonstrate full HD 3D viewing on a 3D television. (Photograph 2)

This MPC1010-3D/4K2K is an MPEG-2 encoder that can multiplex four HD-SDI audio and video inputs into one MPEG2-TS and output as completely synchronized STC/GOP. The unit is equipped with four MPEG2 encoders and can compress 60 Mbps max per encoder up to 160 Mbps in total. It has four HD/SD-SDI input systems, one analog NTS input system, one IP output system, and two ASI output systems that multiplex 4 channels or 2 channels and one ASI output from each encoder.

For 3D video, it MPEG-2 compresses the HD-SDI for the left eye and right eye from the 3D camera and transmits the result as TS over IP.

Mineharu Kato, the Manager of the NTT Electronics Digital Video Division, Multimedia Division, Design Department, 3rd Design Department, said of the features of this unit, "It features synchronization functions for each video input. Concretely, in addition to GOP synchronization for each frame, by overlaying time information, it synchronizes frames".

Also, concerning plans for domestic sales of this unit, Mineharu Kato explained, "We are planning to start selling it in January 2011. The reference price will be 1.5 million yen".

■ Exhibit of the RiscaVision RV1000 full Hi-Vision Hikari TV phone unit supporting NGN

NTT Electronics exhibited the RiscaVision RV1000 NGN-capable full Hi-Vision Hikari TV phone unit that the company announced and started its sales on November 9, 2010, providing a 6Mbps full Hi-Vision live performance demonstration linking actual NGN network lines between the NTT Electronics Yokohama office and Makuhari Messe .

The RiscaVision RV1000 full Hi-Vision Hikari TV phone unit mounts an H.264 parallel processing software engine (RISCA264-HD) developed by the NTT Cyberspace Research Center, uses the NGN optic telephone band width assurance function, and is a full Hi-Vision Hikari TV telephone system that achieves video communication with high picture quality video, stabilized audio, and no packet losses. The system runs on a Windows 7 PC mounting HDMI input and HDMI or DVI output video capture board.

Because it uses an H.264 parallel processing software engine (encoder and decoder engine), the "PC must have an Intel Core7 95 series or higher CPU." explained Fumio Sugihara, responsible for marketing in the NTT Electronics Digital Video Division Business Strategy Room.

Concerning this product, Fumio Sugihara made the pitch, "the NGN network bandwidth assurance and Hi-Vision transmission are the sale points. We hope this product will be used for event relaying over NGN lines".

■ NTT Electronics exhibits the Plus Repeater Series media converter supporting WDM

At its booth, NTT Electronics is running a demonstration of video transmission using the Plus Repeater S4 media converter for WDM that supports 1Gbps using fiber optic lines. (Photograph 4)

 This Plus Repeater media converter for WDM achieves media converter functions, repeater functions (relay), and wavelength conversion in one unit. Combined with a CWDM/DWDM wavelength multiplex filter, it can be used as a WDM transmission unit with the following ultra-low delay. It also supports SD/HD-SDI input/output and can convert SD/HD-SDI input signals into optic output and transmit this with WDM. Furthermore, it can use WDM transmission with IP signals.

The maximum transmission distance is 80 to 120 km and Hiroki Takagi, the chief engineering examiner responsible for service engineering in the NTT Electronics BB System and Device Division, Safety Network Division, explains "combined with booster amps, connections over long distances can be achieved without relays". Hiroki Takagi also explained "we hope this product will be used by cable television operators for transmissions between broadcast stations".

Besides these products, NTT Electronics exhibited the HV9100 series AVC/H.264 HDTV/SDTV encoder and decoder, which has an extensive proven track record in relays for the Olympics and the World Cup, and the HE5100 series MPEG2 encoder, which has a proven track record in use by broadcasters inside and outside Japan.