Nikon Systems: VQ-1000 Image Quality Evaluation Tool/InterBEE2008

2008.11.20 UP

The VQ-1000 analytical image quality evaluation tool helps those who are in R&D or product development of video codec to objectively evaluate video images.It uses four measurement criteria, blur, block distortion, noise, and flicker, to evaluate.
Today, customers rely on visual checks to evaluate image quality or they use PSNR, a single measurement criterion. But variation in visual checks, the level of experience, and skill led to variations in the evaluation results. But, this tool ensures objective evaluations based on a uniform standard without any deviations.
This product is already being sold at a single license price of 1 million yen.
Nicon is also exhibiting a new product sample being developing using the know-how we gained from this product. It is a content checker that can be used to measure image disturbance, freezing, and blackout and to check audio silence and measure peak level settings.