Inter BEE 2011:Totsu International exhibits the "Kaleido" multi-viewer series and introduces its combined operation with production switchers via an S-bus connection using cluster functions

2011.11.17 UP

At its booth, Totsu International introduced the combined operation between multi-viewers and production switchers via an S-bus connection using cluster functions to integrate and control multiple multi-viewers like a single large-scale multi-viewer.
This is achieved with Miranda's Kaleido multi-viewer, which can run multiple multi-viewers in unison through cluster functions. Its configuration consists of a multi-screen display system formed by multiple multi-viewers and many displays, and a layout combining them all can be created. Alternatively, it can be operated like a single multi-viewer with a set of control panels and mouses.
In both cases, the cursor can be moved seamlessly over multiple screens. The multi-viewer selected by the position of the cursor is operated automatically.
A demonstration was provided at the venue to show routing switchers being controlled in unison by maneuvering a multi-viewer, and a device name defined by a routing switcher being used as the multi-viewer video label name.
In addition, with the NVISION brand large-sized 3G hybrid routing switcher, it is possible to freely reclassify audio, which has been input as embedded or discrete audio superimposed on video, and superimpose it on any video channel.
Any embedded audio channel superimposed on video can be output as discrete audio. The routing switcher has a built-in audio embedder/disembedder, so it can be installed in confined spaces such as an outside broadcast van.
Additionally, Totsu International exhibited the "iTX" file-based delivery system, which allows all functions needed for a delivery system, ranging from ingest to asset management and archive, to be performed over multiple IT servers. A demonstration of "Avid Motion Graphics", the successor to Avid Technology's character generator, "Deko", was provided. This product is a next-generation CG character generator that has innovated all hardware and software.