Inter BEE2011:Visual Graphics exhibits its "EditShare" and "thiiDa" file-based solutions

2011.11.16 UP

Visual Graphics introduced various kinds of "shared workflow systems to accelerate production of digital contents". The company exhibited a wide variety of systems from high-quality nonlinear-based editing systems, including Autodesk and Adobe, to high-performance network solutions aimed at accelerating file-based workflows.
  "EditShare" is an NAS equipped with various functions to improve productivity, and its bin locking function is convenient for Avid and Final Cut users. This patented bin locking function allows users to work with peace of mind by preventing the deletion of collaboration workflows when project files are deleted.
 "thiiDa" is a file-based asset management tool that enables the easy management of increased files. It adds stored video and still image files to a database in an integrated manner from a browser, allowing immediate access to necessary data.