Inter BEE 2010: Sanken Microphone exhibited a shotgun microphone prototype with super-accurate directivity.

2010.11.21 UP

Shotgun Microphone by Sanken Microphone.

Sanken Microphone had exhibits showcasing its lineup, which included shotgun microphones, new products, miniature microphones, and surround microphones.

With its 250mm (length) x 19mm (diameter) tube-shaped body, the new CS-2 shotgun microphone delivers super-accurate directivity as well as rich mid and low frequencies. Also displayed was a prototype model offering even narrower, ultra-sharp directivity with a longer 555mm tubular body length that enables it to pickup sounds more clearly for enhanced performance over greater distances.

The Lavalier Microphone Series is recognized for its outstanding sound quality and the new COS-11D HWM headset-type microphone, which uses the same technology as a Lavalier microphone, was displayed as a prototype. This new model is scheduled to be introduced to the market in the middle of next year.

Other booth demonstrations in the Surround Corner included recordings made by two different types of surround microphones.