Inter BEE 2011:Fujifilm Corporation Optical Devices exhibits portable type HDTV lenses including the "FUJINON HA19 x 7.4" and HK Series of PL-mount lenses for filming

2011.11.21 UP

An abundance of next generation TV and cinema lenses supporting high resolutions were exhibited at the Fujifilm optical device corner. Attracting attention among these was the new lineup of HDTV lenses including the "FUJINON HA19 x 7.4". A Japanese-style studio set was laid on to give users an actual impression of these lenses' image quality and performance.

■ Vastly improving optical quality: the "FUJINON HA19 x 7.4"

The centerpiece of the TV lenses on display at the optical device corner was the "FUJINON HA19 x 7.4" portable HDTV lens, which went on sale in late November this year . It uses leading-edge optical simulation technology and high precision, large diameter aspherical lenses. This results in a compact form factor while yielding superb optical performance.

Focal length ranges from 7.4mm to 141mm, allowing for high quality video to be displayed from the center of the screen to the edges. Its "3 group zoom specification" curbs aberration when zooming, greatly improving resolving power at the edges. It is also possible to shoot video up to a minimum distance of 0.55m. When using the internal 2.2x extender, telephoto distance can be extended to 310mm.

■ High-resolution cinema lenses and reasonably-priced portable lenses on display

Fujifilm exhibited a wide and varied lineup including the 35mm PL-mount zoom lens "HK Series", the "HA Series" of 2/3" HD portable lenses, the user-friendly and reasonably-priced "XA-s" Series of 2/3" HD portable lenses, along with the "HS Series" and "XS Series" of 1/2" HD portable lenses.

The "HK Series" features high optical capabilities and can meet the demands of digital cinemas for high optical resolutions in excess of 4K. Recognized for such qualities, it was adopted as a standard lens for camera comparative purposes at the "CINEGEAR" exhibition of camera-related equipment in the US.