【InterBEE 2012】Miharu Communications Presenting Example Installations of Miharu’s Emergency Backup Equipment and Area Broadcast Systems

2012.10.30 UP

Emergency Backup System for Broadcast Stations
Miharu Chan「MR9000」

Miharu Chan「MR9000」

 Miharu Communications (Radio and TV Broadcasting and Communications Equipment #6206) introduces the latest in broadcast tools and equipment, which offers new functionality derived from digital broadcasting, including emergency backup equipment and area broadcast systems for use by broadcast stations. This very important exhibit includes an overview of how broadcast stations actually deploy and make practical use of emergency backup equipment and area broadcast systems.

1. Emergency Backup System for Broadcast Stations
An OFDM modulator with built-in 12-seg and one-seg encoder. It is for use in emergency situations, and may also serve as backup to a master system. This product has been increasingly well received with revisions to the Japanese Broadcast Act stressing the importance of redundancy features. Eighteen broadcast stations in Japan are already using it, and another thirteen plan to adopt it in 2012.
The booth will introduce stations that have installed the system and present specifics about the installations at TBS Television and Fukushima Central Television.

2. Area Broadcast System
An area broadcast transmitter prescribed for general above ground broadcasting since April, 2012.
Miharu Communications is at the forefront in this area with a proven track record - its emergency backup equipment has been thoroughly tested in operation as a broadcast transmitter. Some examples of this are:
2009: Fukui Television Broadcasting event using area one-seg broadcasting
Oct., 2010: MBS Mainichi Broadcasting began area broadcasting “Chayamachi TV”
Nov., 2012: Ishikawa Television Broadcasting plans to start relay broadcasts using area broadcasting
The booth will present upcoming area broadcast solutions that expand upon these examples.

3. Miharu Chan
Equipment used to check reception for digital terrestrial broadcasting and area broadcasting, and to provide measurement and monitoring functions to ensure signal quality. It can also monitor TS information and so can be used for problem analysis as well as to verify operation modes for area broadcasting. It identifies signals transmitted in an SFN environment using a signal monitoring mode developed by Miharu which is under patent application.

4. In-house Digital Broadcast System MR Series
The MR3300X is an IP-capable OFDM modulator. One unit can be used for bothtransmission and reception. It handles multicast distribution and H.264 compression for efficient network usage. The MR5000X is a type of OFDM modulator, a tuner that enables the viewing of SkyPerfect Premium Service programs on DTTV in guest rooms, with HD/SD resolution.
The MR series was first introduced at InterBEE 2010. Since that time the series has developed into a full line of five systems.
These will be presented as well as other in-house digital broadcast systems which correspond to transmission systems and content.

5. Digital CATV Signal (64QAM/256QAM) IP Transmission System
A digital CATV signal transmission system that works with IP networks. On an IP network it constitutes an IP output QAM demodulator and IP input QAM modulator. The IP input QAM modulator extracts TS from IP packets and performs QAM modulation.
It is able to switch over automatically to N+ standby systems when multicast distribution is implemented.

【InterBEE 2012】
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