[NEWS] At InterBEE2016, INTER-TEC Exhibited the "Information Channel Transmission System, which Links Data Broadcasting and Ticker (Vertical and Horizontal) Broadcasting and Has Been Implemented in 37 Formats for 24 Stations, and Demonstrated Automatic Switching When a Natural Disaster Strikes

2016.10.29 UP

"Information Channel Transmission System" transmission screen (image)

"Information Camera Transmission Unit" screen

"Pondashi-kun" screen

INTER-TEC (Headquarters: Chuo, Tokyo) exhibited at InterBEE 2016, which was held at Makuhari Messe from November 16th (Wed) through 18th (Fri). At the company booth (Hall 5, Booth 5512), with the theme of "Enrichment of Cable Television and Information Channels," the "Information Channel Transmission System," which links data broadcasting and ticker (vertical and horizontal) broadcasting, was exhibited. At the booth, demonstrations of videos from riverside cameras being displayed in data broadcast screens and automatic switching to ticker (horizontal and vertical) broadcasting for a supposed natural disaster were exhibited.

■ Switching automatically from data broadcasting and IP camera footage during normal times to vertical and horizontal ticker broadcasting during natural disasters
The "Information Channel Transmission System" is a transmission device that serves to enable original cable TV station data broadcasting and emergency ticker broadcasting on empty community channels for cable TV stations. It is comprised of a 1U size server with ARIB conversion and data transmission features and a 4U server with ticker broadcasting, IP transmission, and HD-SDI output features.
The special characteristics of this device is the feature of displaying IP camera footage on the data broadcasting screen during normal times and the feature of automatic switching to vertical and horizontal ticker broadcasting when emergency information, such as J-ALERT/L-ALERT and emergency newsflash emails, is received.
The device has been implemented in 37 formats for 24 Japanese TV stations, such as Tottori Teletopia Co., Ltd., and Takefumi Saito, the CEO, explained that, "We have received many inquiries," following the Tottori earthquake. Also, regarding this InterBEE, he explained, "We would like to present the fact that when a natural disaster occurs while a ground wave channel is being watched, it is possible to automatically switch to a community channel performing vertical and horizontal ticker broadcasting."

■ "SPREADII," the emergency text broadcasting system that only transmits vertical and horizontal broadcasting, was also exhibited, among others
The company also exhibited the "CONTRUST" series which, transmits J-ALERT and L-ALERT information through vertical and horizontal ticker broadcasting, the "Information Camera Transmission Unit," which automatically transmits programs, and "Pondashi-kun," which rapidly transmits previously registered clips from broadcast locations, among others.

[INTER-TEC Co., Ltd.]
Headquarters: 5F Grande Ningyo-cho 3-12-11 Ningyo-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013
Inter BEE Booth: Video Production / Broadcast Related Equipment / Hall 5 / 5512

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