[Inter BEE 2014] FUJIMIC Exhibits MXF File Transfer and Management System   Expansion of Operations After Successfully Developing Systems for Broadcast Stations Including Subtitling for Over 8,000 Titles per Year

2015.1.16 UP

Mr. Muraoka, sub-manager of the sales center sales department

Mr. Muraoka, sub-manager of the sales center sales department

FUJIMIC exhibited their “MXF file transfer and management system F-BOX”, “BC/CS broadcasting system”, “Disaster information/weather information service”, “Subtitling operations solution”, and a “Hybridcast reference exhibition” at InterBEE 2014.

■ Subtitling Operations Solution Supporting Subtitling for Over 8,000 Titles per Year

Mr. Takashi Muraoka, sub-manager of the sales center sales department, highly recommended the “Subtitling operations solution” (pictured above), provided by the company as a total solution for subtitling, superimposing, and delivery.

Mr. Muraoka spoke about the features of the product, “Our company currently subtitles over 8,000 drama, variety, and anime shows per year, and about 1,800 hours of real-time subtitling for live news and sports. Throughout our long history of subtitling for Fuji Television, we’ve learnt a lot of knowhow that we want take advantage of, develop, and spread to the entire broadcasting industry; this is a subtitling system that takes advantage of that wealth of broadcasting experience”.

The subtitling management system developed independently by FUJIMIC can be the basis for managing confusing schedules, and supports errorless management of footage and receiving/issuing orders. Mr. Muraoka said, “Apart from Fuji Television affiliated broadcasters, it’s also been adopted by BS, CS, CATV broadcasters, and also independent UHF broadcasters”.

■ Expanding Beyond Fuji Television to Broadcasters Everywhere
The broadcasting system at the center of the company’s business is a broadcasting data creation system for broadcasting devices, covering the main work of broadcasting – editing, advertising, and, of course, broadcasting.

Mr. Nobuaki Odagawa, manager of the sales department of the sales center explained, “We’re proposing a system that’s a ‘perfect fit’ for the characteristics of BS and CS broadcasting. That means low cost integrated broadcasting systems provided in conjunction with broadcasting devices for ‘file generation’ and broadcasting related solutions. We’ve built these easy to use systems after listening to CS broadcasters. We’ve set up new work flows, and expanded functions such as the new VOD editing management functions.”

FUJIMIC exhibited at Inter BEE for the first time in 2013, and 2014 marked their second year in attendance. While the company has focused on developing systems for Fuji Television up until now, it has also been building systems for other television networks for many years. Mr. Odagawa said, “I think our company has had appeal for many companies, not just Fuji Television. We think this exhibition will allow broadcasters other than Fuji Television to see the efforts that we’re making.”

(*Report on the exhibitions at Inter Bee 2014 held at Makuhari Messe, November 19th-21st, 2014)