【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Itochu Cable Systems introduce various new file based solution products that are compatible with 4K

2013.11.13 UP

4K-conscious file-based workflow
4K-conscious file based workflow

4K-conscious file based workflow

Itochu Cable Systems (booth: 5406) provides solutions with a 4K-conscious lineup. They are exhibiting various new models in two areas; file based production/editing system solutions and OTT solutions.
The large capacity storage solution they propose is constructed with the NAS head 'NST6000' from NEXSAN at the core. Those at the AVID solution pod are demonstrating their total support package from ingestion to transmission.
This product coordinates with the host system and commercial broadcast system, supports business ordering, ingesting and editing. For transmission of complete package media and archives, Inter Play MAM is recommended. Integrated management is possible.

Products that support file based storage, including the file based transcode 'Vantage Transcode' and the 'MXF preview software' for file based subtitle checking are out on show. Until now, checking after conversion into baseband was necessary, but now there is a software-based tool which can do an integrated check in the file based storage. Functions including transmission server and DSK are condensed into one machine.
In the smart playout corner, 'Channel in a box' products are introduced.
Amongst the other products on show are the 'Nimbra series' beam transmission devices, the new 'VATIC series' products from Videotech, and weather/disaster prevention information transmission systems.