【Inter BEE 2012】 Mediacast's data broadcasting provides three types of solutions: for raising profits; improving ratings; and ensuring greater safety and security.

2012.11.10 UP

Automatic ARIB format conversion ASP service 'MARCUS'

At InterBEE, Media Cast (Video and broadcasting equipment division #5501) will be exhibiting 3 data broadcasting solutions; "for Business," which increases profit through data broadcast, "for Interactive & Multiscreen," which increases viewer ratings through data broadcasting and "for Emergency," which is a safety and security solution.
 Mr. Takaharu Sugimoto, Media Cast's representative director, commented on the exhibition contents at this year's InterBEE, "Up until now, we have focused on appealing to data broadcast equipment customers. This year, our proposal follows the various themes on what can be done with data broadcasting." He continued to talk about the company's ambitions regarding broadcasters such as cable television operators and local television stations, saying "We want to display the benefits of data broadcasting using actual examples of viewer and revenue increases through data broadcasting.”

■Proposal to increase revenue in local content
 In the 'for Business' section, Media Cast will introduce their “local news delivery through data broadcast” case study, a coordinated effort between data broadcast and regional news portal site “MaiPure,” operated by Future Link Network, Inc. MaiPure has been implemented in more than 150 areas in the country, and can display timely local store ads via web sites, mobile sites, digital signage, and data broadcasts together with regional news gathered by MaiPure. "By using this ASP service, broadcasting stations can implement data broadcasting of local news and advertisement, allowing them to increase revenue without incurring extra expense," explained Mr. Sugimoto. MaiPure has been introduced into TOKYO MIX, Chiba TV, and Miyazaki Cable TV and according to Mr. Sugimoto, "We have received inquiries from multiple local affiliate stations."
 In addition, there will be a display in the "for Business" section for "automatic ARIB format conversion service & MARCUS" scheduled to begin January 2013. This ASP service will automatically convert standard image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF to formats suitable for data broadcasting (ARIB-JPEG, ARIB-PNG, ARIB-GIF) and convert character information from CSV to fixed reception BTB files or One Seg BTB files when using web and mobile site content in data broadcasting. "The function to convert images for data broadcasting, and the function to convert character data from the web to BTB files that are suitable for data broadcasting have been provided as a separate products. However, due to the large number of requests, we decided to combine the functions and offer it as an ASP service," said Mr. Sugimoto regarding the start of this new service.

■Promoting the use of data broadcasting via colored buttons and overlays at the beginning of news screens
 Media Cast will introduce their interactive programming services using the "PiTENTRY2 BML Edition" of Fix Inc. along with their multi-screen expansion for smartphones and tablets using the "DataCaster M3" at the "for Interactive and MultiScreen" section.
 "PiTENTRY2 BML Edition" is an ASP service that assists broadcast stations in the production of audience participation interactive programming. There will be a demonstration of this audience participation program being broadcast by Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting and Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting at the booth. A unique feature of this type of audience participation interactive programming is that viewers are not required to press the "d" button on their remote controls, but can interact with colored buttons or information overlaid on the television video for seamless participation. "During the trial run, about 350 people participated in just a few minutes despite there not being any reward for doing so," said Mr. Sugimoto.

■Superimposed text information delivery system and emergency and disaster news for local and cable television operators exhibition
 In the "for Emergency" section, Media Cast will demonstrate disaster information delivery using the "SparkMUX" superimposed text and event message delivery device. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been promoting the creation of an automatic delivery system for disaster information (J Alerts) aimed at residents via cable television stations. Media Cast has developed this superimposed text transmission device to automatically send disaster-related information instantly and has proposed it to local and cable television stations.
With this device, it is possible to distribute event messages simultaneously with superimposed disaster information text. "Viewers will be given evacuation information instantly along with the first report disaster information. Afterwards, relevant details can be delivered via data broadcast at any time with viewers accessing them in time sequence via an access button," said Mr. Sugimoto.

【InterBEE 2012】
InterBEE is an "Audio, Video, and Communications Professional Exhibition" bringing together top level, national and international broadcast equipment, video equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, IPTV, Mobile TV, cross-media, peripheral applications, and solutions under one roof. It is an exhibition for anyone related to or involved in media as an opportunity to learn the latest trends in creative and media business.
November 14 (Wed) - 16 (Fri) Held at the Makuhari Messe (free admission).