InterBEE2011 PREVIEW: KDDI R&D Labs Exhibits "VistaFinder MX", an automatic image evaluation system with "MP-Factory/8K UHDTV" (Super Hi-Vision) Real-time Transmission.

2011.11.9 UP

VistaFinder MX

At Inter BEE2011 held at Makuhari Messe from Wednesday, November 16 through Friday, November 18, KDDI R&D Labs (President & CEO: Yasuyuki Nakajima, Fujimi-shi, Saitama-ken) will exhibit an automatic image evaluation system, the MP-Factory/8K UHDTV (Super Hi-Vision) real-time transmission system, "VistaFinder MX" with numerous added features including multi-channel support.

■ Exhibit: "MP-Factory", with Automatic Image Evaluation

KDDI R&D Labs will exhibit "MP-Factory," equipped with a unique automatic image evaluation system developed in-house. "MP-Factory" is a software development kit (SDK) which provides various features including a MPEG codec for imaging services such as DTB, IPTV, and mobile services, as well as sending and editing. "MP-Factory" estimates the mean opinion score (MOS) by it's unique algorithm and detects abnormal frames, resulting in increased efficiency of quality inspection for MPEG contents using the automatic image evaluation function. It is also equipped with a "high-quality image encoding engine," which provides the optimal encode processing for images created for mobile devices, to images in HD with adaptive image control utilizing a unique algorithm. Demonstrations of "MP-Factory" are to be held at the booth.

■ Exhibit: 8K UHDTV (Super Hi-Vision) Real-time Transmission System

In addition to the real-time transmission system for 8K (7680 pixels x 4320 lines) Full Resolution UHDTV (Super Hi-Vision) which was exhibited for the first time during the last year's InterBEE, a newly developed exclusive codec will be exhibited. The 8K UHDTV real-time transmission system which will again be exhibited this year is a result of the research contracted by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).

■ Live Streaming Solution "VistaFinder MX."

KDDI R&D Labs will exhibit "VistaFinder MX," a portable high-definition video (live/recording) transmission system equipped with new features including multi-channel capability. "VistaFinder," a portable high-definition video (live/recording) transmission system, is composed of PC software and hardware for transmitting images over the Internet. It supports IP broadband environments such as UQ WiMAX and wireless LAN, as well as mobile data communication lines such as the au data communication card, and KDDI Inmarsat satellite (BGAN).

Exhibition Division: Cross-media Division
Exhibition Hall: 8
Booth #: 8301

VistaFinder MX (Left: Transmission Terminal, Middle: Laptop Receiver, Right: Desktop Receiver)