[Inter BEE 2009] Techno House — 360 Degree See-through Exhibit in the Digital Signage Pavilion

2009.11.19 UP

Large-sized Litefast MAGIC SC
Table-top Litefast MINI series

Table-top Litefast MINI series

Video screened on a cylindrical display with a high-speed rotating LED bar
TechnoHouse (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has exhibited in the Digital Signage pavilion the "Litefast 360° Display System" (below, the 360° display system) which enables viewing of content from all sides. This uses an illuminated, rapidly rotating LED bar to play video within a transparent cylinder, using persistence of vision. The LED bar rotates approximately 12 times per second, which cannot be perceived by the human eye.

This gives the illusion of images floating in the transparent display. This can also display text and still images, and the speed of rotation can also be adjusted. Because this has 360° visibility, content can be displayed for easy viewing from anywhere without the need to install multiple displays, and it is effective at drawing viewers' attention.

Displaying products together with video as a new type of showcase
Another aspect is that the display itself is transparent. A staff member explained. "Having advertising circling around products exhibited within the cylinder increases the products' appeal. Being able to view the product through gaps in the message is very effective at presenting the product in its best light. The 360° display system itself becomes a showcase".

The 360° display system comprises different sizes, including the large-sized Litefast MAGIC SC (height 218cm, diameter 75cm, resolution 800x600pixelx3 screens) and the table-top Litefast MINI 18 (height 41cm, diameter 18 cm, resolution 160x512 pixels). These are manufactured by Kinoton GmbH, and more than 300 units have been shipped, mainly to Europe, where they are mainly used in airports, department stores, and showrooms. Kinoton products are imported into Japan by TechnoHouse, and sales and rentals are carried out by Foresight Techno Co., Ltd. (Edo-ku, Tokyo). Initial usage of Litefast is planned for a commercial building in Osaka within the year.