InterBEE2011 PREVIEW: Blackmagic Design - Exhibition of newly announced products at this year's NAB and IBC.

2011.11.9 UP

(Picture 1) HyperDeck Shuttle
(Picture 2) HyperDeck Studio

(Picture 2) HyperDeck Studio

(Photo 3) SmartView HD

(Photo 3) SmartView HD

(Photo 4) SmartView Duo

(Photo 4) SmartView Duo

Blackmagic Design will display the new products that it announced at this year's NAB and IBC. The exhibition will be held at the Inter BEE2011 at the Makuhari Messe convention center, from Wednesday, November 16th to Friday, November 18th. They will also introduce various industrial processes based upon the products that they have produced.

■ On display: the "HyperDeck Shuttle," a SSD disk recorder announced at the 2011 NAB Show.

Blackmagic Design will have some of its products on display, including the "HyperDeck Shuttle," - a SSD disk recorder that was announced at this year's NAB Show, and the "HyperDeck Studio" - a broadcast recorder that is equipped with two SSD slots.

The "HyperDeck Shuttle" has a mount plate that you can use to attach the device to your video camera. It can record 10bit SDI uncompressed video or HDMI video onto small form factor SSD drives. There is also the "HyperDeck Studio," a rack-mountable SSD recording solution that can record uncompressed at 10bit SDI. In the event one recording disk gets full, the device automatically switches to the next SSD and continues recording without stopping. While the "HyperDeck Shuttle" has function control, the "HyperDeck Studio" has jog/shuttling knobs. Sachiko Arai, Senior Marketing Manager for Blackmagic Design, commented that, "It's believed that in the future, the price of SSDs will continue to fall, making these products an excellent alternative to VTR."

■ On display: the "SmartView HD", a 17" LCD rack-mountable monitor announced at IBC 2011

Announced during September's IBC 2011 event, the "SmartView HD," a 17" LCD rack-mount monitor, and the "SmartView Duo," a compact, SDI rack monitoring system equipped with dual 8" LCD screens will be on display. These products are scheduled to arrive in Japan sometime during the 4th quarter of 2011. At 6U, the "SmartView HD" is rack-mountable, and capable of full HD resolution video monitoring with SD/HD/3Gb/s SDI video on a 17" screen. The "SmartView Duo" is rack mountable at 3U, with dual 8" screens that let you do full HD resolution video monitoring with SD/HD/3Gb/s SDI video, and assuming you want to use with live broadcasting, there are three tally borders (red, green, and blue) that give the functionality of a tally lamp. Ms. Arai said that, "If combined with a switch or attached to a portable monitoring rack, you can also do field pickup." Plus, color adjustments can be made on both products through software.

Additionally, there will be a new line of ATEM production switchers, including the "ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel," the "ATEM 2 M/E Production Switcher," which offers 16 simultaneous inputs, plus the "UltraStudio 3D," a device which is built on Thunderbolt technology and provides 2K/3D capture and playback, and the "Intensity Extreme" for 10bit HDMI or analog video editing. According to Mr Oda of digital egg inc., there will be a demo of the "DaVinci Resolve," a digital color correction solution.

(Video/broadcast-related equipment group: exhibition hall 7, booth #7201)

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(Photo 1) HyperDeck Shuttle - disk recorder
(Photo 2) HyperDeck Studio - broadcast recorder
(Photo 3) SmartView HD - 17" LCD rack-mount monitor
(Photo 4) SmartView Duo - rack-mountable dual 8" LCD screen monitoring system