Inter BEE 2010: TechnoHouse exhibits image quality/quality evaluation equipment by Video Clarity.

2010.11.21 UP

The ClearView Series from Video Clarity.
ClearView report screen.

ClearView report screen.

TechnoHouse (booth #5506) exhibited the ClearView Series image quality assessment products and the RTM with ClearView quality assessment equipment, both developed by America's ClearView Corporation.

The ClearView Series records both the original picture stream and the encoded stream, detects any problems with image quality, and then provides a visual representation of these problems.

In addition to measuring PSNR (an index of the degree of difference between two images) as an object evaluation value, the ClearView Series also measures evaluation values from two visual models (the JND and MS-SSIM methods). Furthermore, these products enable easy visualization of the kind of problems occurring in specific areas of an image, so that they can be used as benchmarks for encoders. They are used for evaluating images with object figures, rather than for providing subjective representations of picture noise and errors that occur due to missing pixels.

RTM with ClearView checks broadcast streams from two inputs -- the original image and the encoded one -- and detects problems during broadcast. It identifies issues with sound and images in real time processing, and generates a log. RTM with ClearView is capable of accessing NTP servers, which lets it acquire accurate time information from a network.

Fault information recorded in the log allows the time of broadcast to be detected accurately, allowing synchronization of information.

TechnoHouse anticipates that the ClearView Series will be used for research and development, while RTM with ClearView will see use in the broadcast field.

(Photo explanations)
Upper photo: Video Clarity's ClearView Series features two visual models for image evaluation.

Lower photo: A ClearView report screen. Regions with false colors provide the viewer an understanding of alterations to the original image.