[Inter BEE 2009] Nac Image Technology to sell DCP quality control equipment

2009.11.18 UP

ARRIQCP simplifies DCP quality control

Exhibit of digital cinema quality control player by Germany's ARRI

Nac Image Technology exhibited the digital cinema package (DCP) quality control player ARRIQCP ― a product manufactured by ARRI of Germany.

Before distributing data to movie cinemas, this device is designed to be used to inspect the data after the digital cinema (D cinema) authoring process is complete. Data encoded for distribution is encrypted so that it can only be replayed from servers in cinemas.

That means performing a quality inspection without transferring server data for projection after each authoring process and actually projecting the data is impossible.

ARRI of Germany accepts quality control key issuance and developed the ARRIQCP D cinema quality control equipment designed to screen DCP with local equipment. This equipment enables replay as soon as authoring is complete. As well as the simple replay facility, the system is capable of automatically performing 13 different checks required by the DCP specifications.

Nac Image Technology plans sales of the equipment in the post-production field.