[Inter BEE 2009: Highlight Pickup!] Presentation meeting for the press held by FOR-A to explain details of exhibits at Inter BEE ― 25 new products and functions

2009.10.30 UP

"EzV-210VS" HD/SD Character Generator
"FRC-8000" HD/SD Frame Rate Converter

"FRC-8000" HD/SD Frame Rate Converter

Keywords are "Baseband" and "File-based Systems"
On October 29, FOR-A held a preliminary press confenrence to explain the company's exhibits at Inter BEE. This meeting gave details of their exhibits, and explained the objectives for the creation of a new company FOR-A IBE Co., Ltd., as well as talking about the company's future expansion.

To start, Vice President Katsuaki Kiyohara gave an opening address, and gave a brief overview of their aims for exhibiting at Inter BEE.
"FOR-A has always actively provided technologies that are in demand by customers. For most of 2009, we have been focusing on concurrent, compatible systems centered upon baseband and file-based systems. We have used our theme of "Imagination to Creation" since 2006, and this year is no exception. As well as an integrated exhibit of a "media management system" which is indispensable in this tapeless age, we are also exhibiting video switchers, processors, character generators, virtual systems, and other high cost-performance devices and systems. This year, we are introducing a total of 25 types of products and functions in our booth, 17 of which are new".

Introduction Results in Japanese and Overseas
Looking back on this year's product expansion, Mr. Kiyohara said, "Our line of products have done very well both in Japan and overseas, and we have gained high praise by investing our effort into products that are in line with customer requirements". He also commented on specific products.

"Our Hanabi series video switcher has been well-received, and in particular, the HVS-300HS has proved global popularity. In addition to the introduction of a switcher, we have received many requests as regards to system construction. What's more, our virtual system that we have been developing for more than 10 years has recently been released as a new product, the VRCAM, which has won recognition for its outstanding cost-performance. Additionally, we are seeing increased adoption of peripheral devices overseas, specifically the FRC-8000 frame rate converter, which is being actively considered by the U.S. sports broadcaster ESPN and at the Vancouver Winter Olympics".
The main exhibited products are as follows:
○MediaConcierge media management system
○"MBP-100SX/110SXA/100PD" MXF clip servers
○"Prismsystem" on-air video real-time network delivery system
○"MV-3200 series" HD/SD high-definition multi-viewer (reference exhibit, debut)
○"MV-1600HS series" HD/SD/analog/PC mixed multi-viewer
○"FRC-8000" HD/SD frame rate converter (new product, first time exhibit domestically)
○"UFM-30 series" modules supporting 3G/HD/SD
○"FA-9100/RPS" multi-purpose signal processor
○"HVS-5000 series" digital video switchers supporting 3G/HD/SD
○"HVS-300HS" HD/SD portable video switcher (new product)
○"3D-VWS" character generator system
○"EzV-200HS/210HS" HD/SD character generator (new product, debut)
○"NeON-VIII" close-captioned screen creation system (reference exhibit, first time exhibit)
○"VRCAM system" HD/SD sensorless virtual studio system (new product)
○"MBP-100CK/12RU" HD/SD chroma keyer
○3D stereo vision system (technical exhibit, debut)
○"CEQ-100HS" HD/SD color equalizer (reference exhibit, first time exhibit domestically)

"Establishment of FOR-A IBE means improved file-based system development capabilities"
Next, the subject changed to file-based systems, and he spoke about the new company FOR-A IBE Co., Ltd.
"File-based systems are systems that combine various component technologies and software. Specifically, we have provided MediaConcierge to terrestrial broadcasters, CATV companies, CS broadcasters, program production companies, and other users. We have further responded to user requests, and in order to further develop and improve the product, we established the new company FOR-A IBE Co., Ltd., and are aiming for expansion as follows. Understanding basebands is essential in order to ensure that file-based systems provide configurations that enable easy manipulation of video, audio, and metadata. FOR-A IBE will blend our long-developed technologies with our new technical capabilities, and will strive towards developing and bringing to completion further products".