Visitors' Voice Vol. 2

2007.11.21 UP

We listened to the comments of some of the visitors on the second day of Inter BEE 2007. Inter BEE, an exhibition by professionals in the field of audio and video communications, is also a showcase for the latest technologies. As such, it is an event that meets the demands of a wide range of professionals in search of cutting-edge technologies and the latest information.

■ Female (24yrs), working for an aviation-related company (Chiba)
"I'm responsible for the maintenance and setup of aviation-related acoustic equipment and other instruments used in aircraft. I've been going around looking mainly at the booths of companies we deal with, talking to the people in charge and getting a first-hand look at new products to gain an idea of the latest trends. It isn't usually easy to meet clients directly so I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity this event provides. I can also check out the rear of new products and detailed parts, something that isn't possible when viewing images on a web site, and watch demonstrations to get a better idea of products I'm considering installing. I visited Inter BEE last year for the first time, but this year the aisles seem to be bigger and exhibits are easier to see. From my own point of view, I'm interested in acquiring audio-related printed material and finding out about the latest trends in headphones and CD players."

■ Male (28yrs), working at an audio-related company (Sapporo)
"At the company, I'm mainly responsible for general PA equipment and recording. I've been going around booths with the aim of gathering a wide range of the latest audio-related information and having a look at the latest products and technologies. This is my second visit to Inter BEE but this time I'm particularly interested in the digital mixers. Since I can see the latest products of different companies at once, I can compare them, which is very helpful. By making comparisons in this way, I've discovered that models released by makers at a later date offer superior functions. I may order demonstration models of products that have caught my eye to perform on-site sound quality tests to examine whether we can use them."

■ Female (38yrs), working at a software maker (Tokyo)
"I'm involved in the production of image-related software. I came here to collect information on the latest industry trends that will be useful for developing new software and version upgrading. For the most part, I'm focusing on the latest trends in products for image processing and the latest developments in video material itself. It's also vital that I gather information on software related to and competing with my company's products. I'm looking for information that will help us with the development of new products, such as which products have functions that are superior or inferior to those we offer. This is my third visit to Inter BEE but this time there seems to be more of a sense of excitement. What impressed me most going around the booths was that many companies are making efforts in the area of high quality, real-time video distribution."

■ Male (55yrs), working at a TV station (Kansai)
"Our station is scheduled to simultaneously start six digital relay stations in March of next year. Since this requires purchasing a wide range of equipment and devices, I've come to this year's Inter BEE with the specific aim of collecting related literature and information.

Because of the timing involved, from our technical team alone at least seven staff members will visit Inter BEE, although they will come on different days to avoid any interference with our business. Of course, technicians alone can't be expected to select editing and camera equipment, so users from the News Division, directors from the Production Division and cameramen will also pay a visit to the event. That said, we are a local station so we don't have such a large budget, and even though we're switching to digital, we don't need large scale equipment. We are looking for compact, high cost performance products. We have to decide on the equipment we want within this year, so we'll be holding a meeting to make the final decisions on equipment selection.

Because I hold an administrative position (division chief), I use Inter BEE to become acquainted with the latest technological innovations. I've been coming to Inter BEE every year for about 20 years, and when I take a look at all the different booths, I can discover what's popular and what's not so interesting. You can't get this information by reading newspaper or magazine articles. I'd like our young technicians in particular to visit Inter BEE and learn more, but the problem of cost makes this difficult."

■ Male (39yrs), working for a video production company (Osaka)
"I'm most interested in exhibits related to IP telecommunications and video production. In this industry segment, new equipment and technologies are constantly arriving on the scene, so I've come here to collect the latest industrial information so that I won't get left behind. Based on the information I gather, I think about new equipment our company might install or how we can cut costs by changing equipment currently in use. In this respect, I think this exhibition helps to promote more efficient business. This time there were exhibits of new products and technologies beyond what I'd expected, and once again I was able to gain some really useful information."

■ Female (34yrs), working at a broadcast equipment sales company (Tokyo)
"I came here to check out the latest trends in the broadcast and video industries from the viewpoint of a broadcast equipment sales company. This is my third visit. A range of new products and technologies are on show but I focus on whether our company can sell a particular product or not. I'm looking for products that many customers are in need of and will actually purchase. I haven't directly negotiated with anyone here but I have acquired a good deal of information from booth assistants. I shall take this with me and examine it before making inquiries with suppliers about handling their products."

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