Inter BEE 2011 PREVIEW: Miharu Communications Displaying OFDM modulators for in-house broadcasting, a digital broadcast signal channel checker and a new HFC system aimed at cable TV operators

2011.11.2 UP

MR3300X Series in-house digital broadcasting system
Emergency backup system for broadcasters

Emergency backup system for broadcasters

MR9000 "Miharu Chan" digital broadcast signal

MR9000 "Miharu Chan" digital broadcast signal

Miharu Communications (Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture; President Kouichi Miwa) will display a diverse lineup, including an in-house digital broadcasting system (MR3000X Series), emergency backup systems for broadcasters, the digital broadcast signal checker "Miharu Chan," and a new HFC system aimed at cable TV operators (the N Series). Miharu also plans to hold presentations in its booth about an emergency backup system for broadcasters, FTTH system equipment, and the "Miharu Chan" digital broadcast signal checker. Kenichi Iwatsuru, the head of the PR team for the planning department, explained, "We want to promote our track record of delivering products to cable TV operators, as well as to promote our group of products aimed at the move to digitalization with our video transmission technology."

■ Displaying of the MR3300X in-house digital broadcasting system compatible with IP network distribution

Miharu will show and perform demonstrations in its booth of the MR3000X in-house broadcasting system solution that uses the same equipment as an analog broadcast.

The MR3000X series is a half-unit size, and includes 1. MR3000X HD/SD OFDM modulator with HD/SD MPEG2 encoder included to allow for low-cost in-house digital broadcast, 2. MR3100X High image quality and multi-featured HD OFDM modulator aimed at broadcasters and stadiums, 3. MR3200X Quad SDI OFDM modulator, which includes four MPEG2 SD encoders, and 4. MR3300X IP OFDM modulator which enables distribution of video from the headquarters of a hotel, company, store, etc., to remote locations, and is compatible with IP network distribution. "Because we were very quick to develop this in-house broadcast system, we have already seen many business begin using it," Iwatsuru explained.

Miharu will also display the MR5000X, an OFDM modulator with a SkyPerfect HD tuner included, aimed at hotel video transmission systems.

■ Displaying of an emergency backup system for broadcasters

Miharu will display an emergency backup system aimed at broadcasters, which will be capable of backup broadcasting and transmitting area one-seg broadcasts during disasters.

This emergency backup system for broadcasters is a 1U rack size OFDM modulator, and includes an MPEG2 encoder for 12 segment digital broadcast, a H.264 encoder for one-seg, a multiplexer and an SI/EPG generation module. Its uses are expected to be to provide a minimum of broadcast support when a broadcaster's facilities have been damaged, and to provide the "area one-seg broadcasts" that are being relied upon in special white space zones. Iwatsuru explained that "since the disasters on March 11, we have received a lot of interest from broadcasters, and Mainichi Broadcasting and TV Shizuoka have already added this system. Fukui Television also used the system to test area one-seg."

■ Displaying of "Miharu Chan," which was jointly developed with Nippon Television

Miharu will also display the "Miharu Chan" digital broadcast channel checker, which was jointly developed with Nippon Television, to easily test the strength of the electric fields and quality of signals of digital broadcasts. Its strengths are its ability to measure signals by channel, and determine the transmission location by using the latency profile signal monitoring mode.

■ Announcement of new HFC System for cable TV operators (N Series)

Miharu will announce its new HFC system (N Series) in conjunction with InterBEE2011. The N series allows for completely automatic adjustment of the amps and nodes that previously had to be adjusted with plug-ins and other accessories during setup of a transmission line. Iwatsuru explained that, "With the push of a single button, difficult settings can be made automatically, and by connecting to a computer, precise adjustments are also possible." "We have achieved a 30 to 60 percent reduction in power usage compared to our previous products, realizing savings on electricity, and better operation during periods of planned electricity shortage," he added.

Additionally, Miharu Communications plans to display FTTH compatible products, such as GE-PON devices, a unified V/D ONU, a horizontal one pitch optical fiber widening unit and a horizontal one pitch GE-PON OLT (8 port).

(Display Hall 6, Booth #6403)