WolfVision to demonstrate practical Visualizer applications

2008.10.17 UP

WolfVision is a specialist vendor involved in development and sales of 'Visualizer' - a high-precision presentation tool. Superior to conventional document cameras, the Visualizer is a document camera with excellent performance for high-definition flat and 3-dimensional object projection. Based on a theme of "from seeing to charming" the company's exhibit will demonstrate practical applications of their products at this year's Inter BEE. Visitors will also be invited to freely test the Visualizer functionality and ease-of-use in the exhibit.

■A high-definition presentation tool for realistic 3-dimensional object projection

Headquartered in Austria, WolfVision is expanding global markets for the Visualizer presentation tool - a tool for high-definition and realistic projection of objects. As well as simple document and slide enlargement capabilities, the device surpasses conventional over-head projectors and document cameras with its ability to vividly and realistically project 3-dimensional objects onto large displays.
WolfVision's general manager Marco Dominguez explains - "The Visualizer employs high-end components for the camera lens, CCD, electronic circuits, hardware, firmware and lighting system combined with our high-precision technology to realize better color reproducibility, intensity and resolution than conventional document cameras. Greater depth-of-field also enables easy, faithful and optimized projection of 3-dimensional objects through automatic focus and automatic white balance functions. Another big feature of the device is the advanced lighting system which reduces shadows and reflections for even illumination of the whole photographic subject."

■Portable Visualizer implementation in about 150 courtrooms
The Visualizer series consists of the ceiling mounted 'Ceiling Visualizer,' the regular 'Portable Visualizer' and the top-of-the-range 'Professional Visualizer'. The Ceiling Visualizer helps maintain free space, since only the photographic subject needs to be positioned on the table or lecture stand. Featuring an optical 16X zoom function, this device enables easy projection of wide-ranging subject sizes such as an entire A0 size blueprint or minute circuit details within such a layout.
The high-performance Portable Visualizer is designed for easy operation. As well as one-touch set up, the Visualizer camera and arm fold up to a compact size after use, and the attractiveness of these features has lead to implementation plans for about 150 courtrooms around Japan. With the new civilian jury system, presentations using this device will make it much easier for civilian jurors to understand evidence as is it presented. The line-up is also due for further expansion in October with the release of the third-generation VZ-8 series standard models supporting native SXGA-/720p high-definition - the VZ-8plus3 and VZ-8light3.
Mainly used for medical purposes, the top-of-the-range Professional Visualizer with its monochrome color conversion and backlight functions is optimal for X-ray photograph projection. As well as lighting system enabling projection of the inside of hollow objects, the projector includes preset functions for saving settings such as zoom ratio and color tone adjustment.

■'From Seeing to Charming' - suggested uses and set up of experience corners

With the theme of 'from seeing to charming', the company are not just intending to set up a product exhibition but a demonstration inviting visitors to directly experience the products and their potential uses. In the medical corner, there will be a high-end medical oriented display set up in collaboration with an affiliate presenting X-ray images in Hi-Vision. In the television conference corner there will be a demonstration meeting in which the company will actually connect with the WolfVision conference room from the exhibition center. In the Industry corner, the exhibition will feature a display showing high-definition details of a mother board circuit diagram as an example of an industrial application. In addition, the exhibition will also feature the lower-priced high-resolution live image cameras.
The main stage of the exhibit will feature a 100-inch display presenting images of the fine details of manicurist's fingers. "At last year's Inter BEE, we displayed manicuring skills, but this year we have invited 2 manicurists to the exhibition to project their work, and we are expecting a surprise performance" explains Mr. Dominguez. Visitors are invited to try out Visualizer's operation and experience the realistic 3-dimensional object projection capabilities and ease-of-use in the trial corner of the exhibit.

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Photo 1
General Manager Marco Dominguez

Photo 2
The VZ-8plus3 Portable Visualizer

Photo 3
The VZ-57plus Professional Visualizer

Photo 4
The VZ-C32 Ceiling Visualizer