Ikegami GF CAM (GF Series)

2007.11.22 UP

The Ikegami GF Series is a new line of tape-free solutions that are based on Toshiba's flash memory technology and Ikegami's camera technology. The series supports a wide range of video production tasks from shooting to editing to delivery, in a seamless manner.
Ikegami is demonstrating the GF CAM camcordr at Inter BEE 2007, an international broadcasting equipment exhibition, in Makuhari.

The GF CAM uses a new standard flash memory pack called GF PAK, and supports Serial ATA and USB2.0 interfaces to enable high-speed data transfers.
Compared to the conventional ENG camera for eectronic news gathering, the GF CAM is designed in such a way that its gravity point is set low and its shoulder pad has a greater contact area, allowing the cameraman to shoot stably.

The GF CAM uses a 2/3-inch CCD, which is the industry's most advanced, and also uses our state-of-the-art digital signal processor for video processing. So, we're very confident that the GF CAM can produce high-quality video. We also newly developed a codec system for the camcorder, which can support various types of formats flexibly.

The GF CAM also features Packless Recording. Since the camera has buffer memory large enough to store 30 seconds of video, if a new GF PAK is replaced within 30 seconds, it's possible to continue shooting for a long period of time.