Visual Processing Japan: Realizing better productivity with leading video production workflows.

2008.10.24 UP

As a unique system integrator specializing in visual processing, Visual Processing Japan proposes digital content production solutions in an open environment. At this year's Inter BEE, the company will introduce their cost-effective video production workflow centered on their network and storage solution 'metaSAN' with the theme of "KAIZEN ! - video production workflow based on leading open software."

■Comprehensive digital content production in an open environment

 Since its inception as an integrated visual processing solution provider, Visual Processing Japan offers total, high-efficiency production solutions for the visual professional and general businesses involved in digital content production, management and applications. Through their unique technology and application know-how, the company supports system structures with a particular focus on PC based open environment digital content production with Windows, Macintosh and so on.
 President and CEO Hiroaki Mimura says: "Digitization of content production has already progressed in the advertising, publishing and printing industries, and the improved network speeds and larger storage capacities available coupled with advancements in visual processing technologies means that digital content production is also becoming well established in the video and broadcasting fields. These days anyone with an open PC environment can edit video using common applications, which negates the need for expensive specialized professional systems. Against such a backdrop, our company's role is to provide efficient and productive video production workflows for on-site production facilities."

■ Efficient editing/management for large volume video material with the SAN solution
 Visual Processing Japan is focusing on the cost-effective SAN (storage/area/network) based video production workflows using common applications, hardware and network technology, with the network/storage solution 'metaSAN' at the core. Beginning with Windows, metaSAN is SAN management software that enables high-speed file sharing via fiber channels in a cross-platform environment including Macintosh and Linux, and allows direct access to stored video files for editing. Employing metaSAN means individual workstations do not have to download and upload video files via a network, and 40-50 companies are already using the system.
 Included with metaSAN is the new data management solution 'thiiDa2', for realizing efficient management and sharing of large volume video data. 'thiiDa2' is a browser application that offers wide-ranging support for file management and database configuration, uploading, downloading, direct mounting, data backup, storage application and production workflows. The software reduces the workload inherent with large data volume management for material searching and data exchange between editors, and thus increases the total productivity for video production.

■SAN environment in the exhibition booth for video data editing demonstration
 Based on metaSAN and thiiDa2, the SAN based video production workflow environment will be demonstrated in the booth at Inter BEE with video editing using common applications such as Adobe Premier, AfterEffects, Apple Final Cut and Shake, and include systems such as the cinematic digital video camera Red One, the broadcast video capture card AJA XENA and Matrox MXO2. Further, a user session for visitors to experience the installation advantages and usage examples of the software is being planned as a tie up with Airframe, a company already using metaSAN.
 CEO Mimura says: "Rather than invest in a high-cost specialist system, our aim is to allow broadcasters and video producers to appreciate the efficient and low-cost video production workflows possible using open PC systems and common applications in conjunction with the latest network and storage technologies." The Visual Processing Japan booth will give visitors from the broadcasting and video production industries a wonderful opportunity experience these leading video production solutions.

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Photo 1
metaSAN configuration image

Photo 2
thiiDa2 main screen

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SAN based video production workflow