Inter BEE 2011 PREVIEW: Fuji Film to exhibit a robust lineup of recording media for broadcasting and services to support the media production

2011.11.11 UP

HD331 HD videocassette

The recording media corner of the Fujifilm booth will display a robust range of recording media for broadcast use that responds to the expanding range of formats available today. Products will include professional disks and broadcast-friendly HDCAM videotapes using its unique high-density recording technologies.

■ Also on display: the HD series videotape, an extremely reliable choice for broadcasters

The HD331 digital HD videocassette is designed for HDCAMs and features a newly-developed super fine grain and high-output metal body that offer the high output and low noise HD broadcasters require. The cassette is capable of operating stably under extreme conditions and is highly resilient, meaning videos can be stored safely for long periods of time.
The PD711 is an optical disk meeting the needs of professionals. It boasts high speed fast-forward and long-term recording in addition to high image quality and sound in a stable package. The lineup includes a version with an archival case suitable for storage needs.

Further, the 3592 Tape Cartridge on display leverages LTO and Fujifilm's own Nanocubic high density recording technology for a large-capacity format meeting growing storage needs.

■ To be demoed: Fujifilm's DC Analyzer, which automatically determines LTO media conditions

LTO is gaining use as a format for high-quality HD contents archives. Fujifilm will exhibit a series of tools intended to support that platform.
DC Analyzer, designed independently by Fujifilm, reads out usage history recorded in CM (cartridge memory) to determine the media's current condition. A demo of the DC Analyzer tool will be given at Fujifilm's recording media corner.

Finally, Fujifilm will also introduce an LTO barcode label creation, pasting and delivery service. Using this service, a company can create its own customized barcode labels to enable more efficient LTO tape use and storage.

■ Fujifilm introduces CD/DVD media creation and data media production support services

Fujifilm Mediacrest, part of the Fuji group, will also exhibit digital media services.
The CD/DVD production service uses the company's own ISO-certified factory to press, package, and individually ship items for a total service package. They will introduce the range of services and benefits that the system offers, including a Copy Protection Service using specially developed Kuiper.blt encryption and a Data Recovery Service to recover hard disk damage to the physical and logical disk.

Exhibit hall 8, booth no. 8407