InterBEE2010: intoPIX Island exhibits solution using JPEG 2000 IP core that supports 4K resolution.

2010.11.21 UP

4K demo using 4K JPEG 2000 IP core.

intoPIX Island, whose headquarters are in Belgium, exhibited solutions using its own JPEG 2000 encoder/decoder IP core supporting 4K resolution at Inter BEE 2010, now underway. They are demonstrating the 4K resolution JPEG 2000 and demonstrating 3D video using the Pristine JPEG 2000 4K board mounting this IP core.

The JPEG 2000 encoder/decoder IP core for 4K resolution is a Xilinx single FPGA chip optimized with Virtex 5RFPGA technology, complies with the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), and supports frame rates up to 96 fps and bit rates up to 500 Mbps. The Pristine JPEG 2000 4K board used in the 3D video demonstration is a PCI Express board with 3G-SDI/HD-SDI4 output.

Concerning the superiority of JPEG 2000, Michael van Dorpe, who is both the president of Island intoPix and the president of Village Island, Ltd., explained "since this is frame-by-frame compression, it can achieve video expression that is friendly to the human eye".

About the solutions envisioned with the 4K resolution JPEG 2000 IP core, he said "we are thinking that it will be used for digital cinema, broadcasts, medicine, and in outer space-related applications".

Michael van Dorpe explained "we have licensed the 4K JPEG 2000 decoder IP core to Sony and NEC Display Solutions and it has been adopted for Sony's high-precision 4K SXRD liquid crystal display device and NEC Display Solutions' DLP cinema projectors".