Inter BEE 2011 PREVIEW: NEC presents file-based systems and H.264 micro formfactor super low latency encoder, with a theme of "For the Professional"

2011.11.9 UP

VC-7700 (left) and VC-70 (right)


NEC (Headquarters: Tokyo, Minato-ku; CEO: Nobuhiro Endo) will be presenting a theme of "For the Professional" and exhibiting file-based systems for the news industry and an H.264 micro formfactor super low latency encoder at Inter BEE 2011. The event is held at the Makuhari Messe convention hall from November 16 (Wednesday) - 18 (Friday).

■ Demonstrations of file-based systems workflow for journalists

NEC is exhibiting a file-based system that aims to work with news data quickly and respond to today's burgeoning tapeless broadcasting culture where timeliness is a priority. Its file-based system for journalists is composed of an iStorage HS Series (HYDRAstor) next-generation grid storage data server and Armadia video server for broadcasts. Broadcast image business department executive director Toru Watanabe explains that "the booth demo workflow will consist of forwarding XDCAM data to a data server, which is then edited with Grass Valley's EDIUS editing machine and then sent on to a broadcast server before it goes on-air."

■ VC-70 H.264 micro formfactor super low latency encoder to be on display for the first time

NEC will newly exhibit its VC-70, an upgraded version of the VC-7700 super low latency H.264 encoder. The super low latency and high image quality features of the previous model remain the same but are now housed in a micro formfactor device. The input interface supports digital HD-SDI/SD-SDI video, voice signal data, analog video and voice. Supported formats are 1080i, 720p, and 480i. The super low latency mode runs at 10ms-120ms, while the standard latency mode clocks in at 300ms-700ms codec latency. The VC-70 is not equipped with a network interface.

Masataka Ohnishi, speaking on behalf of the general manager of the media energy sales division, detailed the product's attributes: "The previous-generation VC-7700 and VD-7700 were a half-rack size, but the new VC-70 takes that a step further with a 1/3 rack size formfactor. In addition to its size, the weight has decreased from 3kg to 1.5kb over previous models." He noted that it is optimal for use in outdoor situations like live golf broadcasts: "The low-energy design means the device can run fanless and stay cool, and the external battery adds about four hours of uptime."

■ Also on display: Next-gen HEVC compression technology and super high resolution techniques

In addition, NEC will be conducting technical reference demos of other technologies. One demonstration will run simulations showing image quality comparisons of images resolved using H.264 and HEVC respectively. HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding, H.625) is the next-generation compression standard now being deliberated by ISO/IEC MPEG standards-setting organizations. Another demonstration will show new technologies that approach higher HD resolutions than previous-generation methods. Finally, NEC will also show off a range of other new products: these include the new NC-H1000 (tentative name), a high-sensitivity HDTV CCD color camera with higher noise-canceling and sensitivity than previous models and the TVL-D000, a micro formfactor ODFM FPU transfer device with a bundled super low latency H.264 encoder.

Exhibit hall 8, booth no. 8404

Photo details:

Top photo: VC-7700 H.264 super low latency encoder (left) and VC-70 H.264 micro formfactor super low latency encoder (right)
Bottom photo: VC-70 H.264 micro formfactor super low latency encoder