Inter BEE 2010: NTT Advanced Technology Present the RealFeel Transcoder ARIB Compliant Software Transcoder.

2010.11.21 UP

The NTT AT Booth.
Transcoder (left) and software codec SDK (right).

Transcoder (left) and software codec SDK (right).

In booth 5501, NTT Advanced Technology exhibited the ARIB-compliant RealFeel Transcoder and RealFeel Software Codec product that uses an ARIB standardized HDVE-100 SDK H.264/MPEG-4 AVC software encoder engine developed by NTT Cyber Communications Laboratories.

■ RealFeel transcoder for AcTVila
The RealFeel transcoder is a file transcoder application that uses an ARIB-compliant H.264 software encoding engine required for the encoding work done by IPTV services. The company demonstrated the set up by displaying transcoded H.264/MPEG4-AVC 4.8Mbps full-HD video.

This transcoder software combines the company's ARIB STD-B1 H.264 encoder engine with Rhozet Carbon Coder from US company Harmonic. It also features input/output functions for broadcast formats such as MFX, and preset profiles for AcTVila specifications.

Tetsuhiro Tomita, Division Chief from EVC SI, the distributor of the product, described the features of the transcoder as follows:
"Up to now, if you want to produce content for IPTV HD, PC streaming and mobile from a single audiovisual source, you needed to use 3 different encoders and input the source file into each one for conversion. RealFeel provides a range of input and compression formats all the way from HD through to mobile, such as HDV, MXF, AVI, and also supports H.264 ARIB compliant output as well as Windows Media, Flash Video, MPEG-2 and MXF."

Mr. Tomita also described the operability of the device saying that apart from the GUI, the software also provides management tools for automatic operation.
"All you have to do is go into the management tools screen, enter the target output folder into the input folder and specify the compression format. Then the when the video file goes into the input folder, it's automatically transcoded at the specified compression format and output to the specified folder." The software also can notify the operator by email of encoding start/stop and errors if they occur, says Mr. Tomita.

The transcoder software requires a PC/AT machine running Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows Server2003 or later, and an Intel Xeon Quad-Core X5460 3.16GHz x 2 with at least 4GB of ram.

The application is has already been adopted by Imagica, Daiichikosho, Sony and Exa International among others. EVC is the sole distributor of the product.

■ H.264 Encoder Application SDK RealFeel Software Codec HDVE-100 SDK.
Also on exhibit was the RealFeel Software Codec HDVE-100 Endocoder SDK software development kit that uses the ARIB compliant H.264/MPEG-4 AVC software encoding engine developed by NTT Cyber Communications.

This software codec offers total multi-thread capability for high-speed parallel encoding with multi processor systems. Booth staff explained that it can be configured for a wide range of applications from offline conversion through to streaming.

The codec requires Windows XP2, Windows Vista, Windows7 PC with Intel Xeon 6-Core X 2Way for the CPU running Microsoft Visual Studio .NET2003 (MSVC7.1) as the development environment.