[Inter BEE 2009: Highlight Pickup!] VPJ, starting sales of the industry's first software-based digital disk recording system with support for network environments

2009.11.17 UP

Uncompressed disk recorder with network support ― also supports SSD recording
Visual Processing Japan, Inc. has announced the development and release of the INGEST GATE software-based digital disk recorder with network support, and this will be demonstrated at their booth at Inter BEE.

INGEST GATE is an uncompressed (Fill/KEY) compatible, open software-based digital disk recording system that supports support for video input and output in video production network environments. This operates on Windows PCs, and can record video data to both SSD (semiconductor memory) and disk storage.
The software has no specific format requirements, and it can capture commonly-used DPX, YUV, Cineon, MOV, AVI, MXF, IGA, TIFF, and DV file formats in compressed and uncompressed SD, HD, and 2K.
Furthermore, INGEST GATE supports capture from SDI/HD-SDI, batch capture from VTR, and import from most file formats, and additionally, it can both edit EDL-based timelines, and output multiple versions to tape or standardized media files.

INGEST GATE has basic VTR functionality, and provides native file transfer from general-purpose applications such as Adobe CS and Final Cut. Unlike conventional equipment that operate independently, INGEST GATE can be used from SAN or LAN network environments, and this provides a hybrid production workflow that joint together baseband and file-based solutions in an open environment.
VPJ provides video production workplaces with services such as system integration that supports file based workflow centering on SAN systems, and operational consulting.
INGEST GATE functions as a gateway for file-based workflow in non-linear video production environments such as FinalCutPro/Motion/Color/Shake, AdobeCS, Nuke, and Scratch, which can be incorporated as part of VPJ-proposed file-based editing workflow.